MYWAY HOMFINDER magazine has been helping people successfully sell their home by owner since the mid 1980′s. Since our inception, we have become well known for being the area experts in getting the job done.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What is your success rate”? In short, we did a customer survey and found that approximately 3 out of 4 advertisers were successful as a result of using MYWAY HOMFINDER. Obviously the success rate varies by individual based on several things; a home seller’scommitment to selling, the condition of the home, the price of the home, the time of year the home is being offered and the assets a home has to offer are just some of the criteria that contribute to seller’s chances of selling.(The same applies if you are using a real estate agent).

The ONE item that definitely contributes to a seller’s chances of success is the advertising they use. The most expensive advertising in the world is the advertising that doesn’t work. MYWAY HOMFINDER represents the VERY BEST in selected target advertising. You can’t be in business as long as we have been without helping a lot of people be successful. As the longest running by owner publication we offer you a complete plan for success, along with the tools necessary to complete the transaction.

Our full time staff is committed to your success. We are the ONLY company with full time staff members, licensed by the State of Ohio through our sister company Flex Realty, that can answer your real estate questions, guide you through difficult times and if requested, write the contract for you. Don’t let the fact that we also own a real estate brokerage concern you. It is the ONLY WAY possible to offer you legal advice backed by an errors and omissions insurance policy, help you set the price of your home using the multiple listing service and actually let you search homes using the MLS.